Server Codex[EN/US]

  • ParadiseRO Server Rules (Server Codex

    These server rules are valid from 1.6.2020 and on all ParadiseRO platforms.

    This concerns e.g:

    - ParadiseRO Eden Super Mid-Rate

    - ParadiseRO Teamspeak 3

    - ParadiseRO Web & Forum

    - ParadiseRO Discord (restricted)

    - and others

    All services can be found on the website (bottom right corner, the icons).

    Basic rules & structure

    §1: The Paradise Server and all content is provided by the ParadiseRO Owner and managed & monitored by the entire ParadiseRO Team.

    §2: The Owner sets the rules and establishes the ParadiseRO Team.

    §3: The ParadiseRO Team ensures appropriate execution and compliance with these rules.

    §4: Violations of these rules will be punished according to an internal ParadiseRO Team agreement.

    §5: The owner has the last word.

    §6: The word of the owner is law, the owner decides about the rules and can override rules. He can make exceptions for players & ParadiseRO Team members.

    §7: The ParadiseRO Team structure is as follows:

    - 1.0 Supporter (probationary period)

    - 1.1 Supporter (helper/supporter)

    - 1.2 Supporter Management

    - 1.3 Supporter Head

    - 2.0 Game Master (probationary period)

    - 2.1 Game Master

    - 2.2 Game Master leadership

    - 3.0 Moderator Game Master

    - 4.0 Head Game Master

    - 5.0 Owner

    §8: The player ranks are composed as follows:

    - 0.0 Player

    - 0.1 VIP Bronze

    - 0.2 VIP Silver

    - 0.3 VIP Gold

    - 0.4 VIP Platinum

    - 0.5 VIP Orichalkum (Edited)

    §9: Supporters are subject to the higher Supporter rank.

    §9.1: The Game Master Moderator manages the Supporter and Game Master teams, the Head GM is above both teams and has the final say over the Game Master management, the Game Master Moderator and the Supporter Head.

    §9.2: The Head GM has the authority to decide about both teams and to hire new supporters.

    §9.3: Only a Supporter can pass an exam to advance to Game Master (probationary period) after appropriate performance. If the probationary period is passed well, the supporter will be promoted to Game Master. If not, they will be relegated to Supporter.

    §9.4: A Game Master is responsible for support and events, a Supporter helps and supports a Game Master.

    §9.5: A Supporter can and should give support without being asked and voluntarily.

    §9.6: A supporter should file a report in the team area (forum) at the end of his support.

    §9.7: The owner is above everything and has the last word. He decides everything.

    §10: A player who has a VIP Rank has it only for a certain duration. This duration is displayed at login and the VIP player can extend this time.

    §10.1: Each VIP rank inherits the rights of the rank below it and additional powers.

    §10.2: When a VIP rank is over, the powers and all other benefits also expire.

    §10.3: A Game Master or Supporter can lose his position due to corresponding inactivity, exploitation of the rights or rule violations.

    §10.4: A Game Master or Supporter may not use his powers to benefit his own player account.

    §10.5: Begging for commands, rights or similar is forbidden. Asking for something is logically something else.

    §10.6: A Game Master (except the Head GM and Owner) has no authority to spawn monsters. (Except special trades or Bloody and Dead trades or similar).

    §10.7: Trader/mailing etc from the GM account to the player account without permission of the Owner or Head GM is forbidden and will result in penalty on the player accounts and losing the post.

    Rules of conduct

    §1: Any form of insult, discrimination or sexual innuendo is forbidden and will be punished.

    §2: Unnecessary skill spamming in the Maintown or "filling up" the Maintown is also forbidden.

    §3: Spreading illegal data or things will also not be tolerated and will be punished.

    §4: Advertising for Illegal Content, Services or other set adverse things is forbidden, as well as for another server.

    §5: Sexual harassment or lewd remarks are also not allowed.

    §6: Not following a clear instruction of a ParadiseRO team member will also be punished. E.g. when asked to refrain from skill spamming etc.

    §7: Any things in 1:1 chat are allowed as long as it is allowed by the other side.

    §7.1: If someone says that this is not wanted, screenshots can be used to make a report.

    §7.2: This can be done via a post in the forum in the report section, via PN to a game master or ticket system on the website.

    §7.3: A report can also lead to certain penalties depending on its extent.

    §7.4: In case of a "Fun Report" the creator of the report will be punished.

    §7.5: Fun reports are e.g. reports against NPCs or anything else that is not a reason for a report.

    Ingame rules (ParadiseRO Eden SMR)

    §1: MVPs and monsters are "Free-for-all", kill stealing is allowed except the command @noks is enabled which prevents kill stealing.

    §2: AFK leveling or farming is forbidden except in special AFK leveling/farming areas.

    §3: Each player is allowed to have a maximum of 3 accounts, anything beyond that will be banned regardless of items or other.

    §3.1: This means: 2 chars parallel online and 1 char in autotrade/detach.

    §3.2: Also possible: 3 chars in autotrade, or 2 chars in autotrade and 1 char online.

    §3.3: Game Master and Supporter accounts are excluded from the rules.

    §4: If an account is in jail, it must wait out the time.

    §4.1: If you help to solve the case on your own or admit that you did it, the punishment will be less severe.

    §4.2: If there is unnecessary discussion and the decision is not accepted after a warning, this can lead to a ban which multiplies the time of the jail by two.

    §4.3: Trading equipment out of the jail is forbidden. This also applies to mailing and other methods to pull the equipment out of the char/account. If this is done anyway, it can lead to deletion/perm ban of the account.

    §5: In events, mini games, WoE and PvP double accounts are forbidden.

    §5.1: Exception is Private PvP or if it is allowed, this will be communicated.

    §6: A chatroom may only be opened in marked areas in the maintown. (Edited)

    §7: Vending and buying stores may also only be opened in designated areas.

    §7.1: The item that determines the price of a store will be displayed in the text field above the char. E.g.: "[Paradise Coin] Buy from me! "this means that all items use the currency "Paradise Coin" to settle and the price is given in Paradise Coins. So 10 z means 10x Paradise Coin. With [Zeny] it is then again the normal Zeny price.

    §8: The skill and chat spamming at events or in the maintown is forbidden, unless it is allowed.

    §9: Items and other things may not be sold for real money. Trading for valuable items/services is also forbidden.

    §10: The ParadiseRO Team takes over a part of the liability of the so called "MySI" Items (Signed Items).

    §10.1: Every MySI Item gets its own ID and is therefore protected from wipes.

    §10.2: If you intentionally drop, sell or give your MySI Item to another player, you will be held responsible.

    §10.3: Unique MySI items are unique for a maximum of 30 days. That means no other player can get the item (concerns the optics). If a player has not been online once within these 30 days, the protection expires and another player can also donate this item.

    §10.4: MySI items can be changed at any time, this is for balance purposes.

    §11: On the WoE/PvP maps it is forbidden to send players a request of any kind (unless it is to form a new party in consultation).

    §12: Dropping items on PvP/WoE and event maps is forbidden.

    §13: Guild alliances are forbidden.

    §13.1: Only guilds with an emblem are allowed to participate in WoE.

    §13.2: Playing multiple guilds against a single guild is also forbidden, unless the number of players is not exceeded.

    §13.3: If several guilds play together, one guild must be chosen to take the lead and thus be allowed to take the empire.

    §13.4: A safe take that was brought about with the help of another guild is forbidden.

    §13.5: An alliance must be announced and approved by a Moderator Game Master, Head GM or the Owner before the WoE (at least 2 hours before).

    §13.6: The permission is only valid for the WoE for which the permission was requested.

    §13.7: The ParadiseRO Staff Guild also has the right to participate in the WoE, if they do, it will be counted as an event and there will be a reward for the winner at the end.

    §13.8: The participation of the ParadiseRO Staff Guild announces this, except in case of a test or similar.

    §13.9: A team member below the Head GM rank, is not allowed to be in WoE during WoE with the GM/Supporter account and a player account at the same time. A violation of this rule can lead to a loss of rank and ban/jail on all accounts.

    §13.10: Paying guilds to take, defend and other things is forbidden and can lead to exclusion and deletion of the guild as well as to jail/ban.

    §13.11: Creating a guild with the same or similar name and emblem as another is also forbidden.

    §14: Using Auto Follow on a player who does not want it is forbidden.

    §15: Using the name of another player is forbidden if the player who bears the name does not allow it. It is also forbidden to use the names of team members.

    §15.1: Example: Name: Dragan

    - Allowed: DragonWarrior or Draganowarrior

    - Not allowed: D r a g a n or DrAgAn etc.

    §15.2: A name that is spelled too complicated will be penalized for the distribution of event items.

    §16: NPCs, items and other content are subject to change by the team at any time.

    §16.1: Every player should inform himself about updates and changes in the changelogs or similar to stay up to date, as well as start the game via the patcher to keep the client always up to date.


    §1: Every player is responsible for his own data.

    §1.1: If you share your data with others, you must always be aware that someone can take advantage of this.

    §1.2: The ParadiseRO Team is not liable.

    §2: The ParadiseRO Team offers a storage system protected by pin, which should partly protect in such cases, as this is another security measure.

    §2.1: The use of the system is voluntary and can be stopped at the Kafra in the Maintown.

    §2.2: Who loses his pin or similar has to answer for this himself, you can ask in the ParadiseRO team if you get it, this must be agreed with the owner.

    §3: A ParadiseRO Team member will never ask a player for his account password, account ID or similar.

    §3.1: An exceptional case is the return of a player from a past time, who cannot reset his account data via the homepage.

    §3.2: In addition, the owner and head GM can ask the char or account name to speed up the allocation of cash points in case of a different email address (PayPal).

    §4: The spreading of private/personal data is done, under own liability and responsibility, by the own person.

    §4.1: This should preferably be done in 1:1 chat (PN) to prevent third parties from accessing this data.

    §4.2: The distribution of this data by third parties is prohibited and will be punished.

    §4.3: It is also forbidden to ask someone for certain data e.g. cell phone number and to annoy after a rejection.


    §1: Donations are used for server costs and help to maintain the NAS server, pay for power, domain, IPs, TLS/SSL, space and other things.

    §2: Every donation is considered a "Voluntary Contribution" and will be rewarded with Cash Points or other things.

    §3: A donation is not refundable.

    §4: From a certain donation amount there are special thanks, but the amounts are not public.

    §5: Every player who donated can do what he wants with his Cash Points or other things.

    §6: You can suggest special ideas to the owner to work out a solution.

    §7: Donated MySI that are not paid will be deleted and the player will be punished.

    §8: Donations can be made via: SOFORT bank transfer, wire transfer (request data) and PayPal.

    §9: Cash Points will be assigned as soon as possible, in case of bank transfer and Sofort Überweisung a screenshot of the receipt must be made and sent to the owner so that he can assign the payment, in the reason for payment the Char name must be indicated.

    §10: In case of a PayPal donation with a different email address, a message should be sent to the owner or the Head GM to simplify the allocation.


    §1: Each account must include a valid email address when registering which must be confirmed in order to use all the features of the website as well as the deletion of the chars.

    §1.1: Without a confirmed email address, the account cannot be used and is temporarily banned until it is confirmed.

    §2: By registering you accept the server rules and privacy policy.

    §3: Account data will not be passed on, but will remain on the server at ParadiseRO and is only valid internally.

    §4: Every player has to expect to lose the right to his account by ban/jail if he disregards the server rules.

    Player right

    §1: Every player has the right to a reasonable game behavior.

    §2: Every player should be treated reasonably.

    §3: Every player has the right to access commands which are available through @commands.

    §4: Every player has the right to donate.

    §5: Every player has the right to access all services for free, unless otherwise stated.

    §5.1 This concerns: ParadiseRO Eden SMR, ParadiseRO Teamspeak, ParadiseRO DIscord and Web & Forum.

    §6: Every player has the right to farm and level undisturbed.

    §6.1: Unless it is clear that this is not possible.

    §7: Every player is allowed to use the forum to create posts according to the chosen category in order to keep the structure.

    §7.1: To use the forum to the full extent, an account is required

    §7.2: The username should preferably be the ingame username of the main char (not mandatory).

    §8: Every player should treat team members with respect and decency.

    §9: ParadiseRO team members have their own powers which are discussed and distributed internally.

    ~The ParadiseRO Team

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